Sadly the trucking industry still uses faxing as one of the main mediums of document transfer. Using a fax machine can be very time consuming. First you have to find one, then make sure you have the correct fax number for your recipient, load in the documents(hope you don't get a paper jam that eats your document), and wait to see if the line was busy or if the fax successfully sent.

Utilizing todays technology, you can send and receive faxes like emails and the guy on the other end with the fax machine will be none the wiser. If your thinking, "I know how to use email and I hate sending/receiving faxes." Then check out some of the great efax services below that we've tried out:

About Logistek:

Logistek is a third party dispatch service with a goal of maximizing our customers revenue. We offer 24/7 online and over the phone support for owners and drivers. We dispatch in 48 states, and work with carriers of all kinds. We specialize in Dry Van dispatch, but also offer dispatching for Reefers, Conestogas, Flatbeds, and Straight Trucks.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and do not settle for low dollar per mile freight. Many services out there offer $2 per mile, but we guarantee a minimum gross per week. For dry van, reefer, and flatbeds we offer a $5,000 weekly gross guarantee for drivers who run a full legal week. We also can handle all invoicing/factoring submissions and collections.

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